Malaysia Education Blog’s WHY

We started the because we believe in order to progress our life, education is one of the tool that can help. We need to improve our skills and knowledge thru education not only on hard skills but also in the soft skills area.

In this century, things change so fast and with the advancement of technology have speed this even further. What we have learnt in our college or university time might be obsolete by now. Even for the young people that are still in college or university, what you have study now and by the time you graduated it might not be relevant.

For working people like us, our skill sets might be obsolete when technology change or new technology come in and disrupt our industry. Give you an example, I am working in the IT Industry particular in ERP solution. We the changes in the back end technology of the solution which shift towards Cloud and new set of programming language make our current skill sets on old programming language become obsolete eventually. So if I don’t follow the wave then I will be left out and eventually get retrench.

As most people might noticed by now where certain industry get disrupted with the new technology. Two of the most obvious ones are:

  1. Taxi Industry disrupted by Uber and Grab Car
  2. Hotel Industry disrupted by AirBnB